How It Connects

How to setup My Freebie TV / Kodi Android Box

1. Connect the Android TV Box to your TV set using the HDMI cable.
2. Plug in the power adapter to the Android TV Box

3. Change setting on your TV Set to the correct HDMI input from your TV remote.

4. a) If you connect the Android box to a hardline (ethernet cable – NOT SUPPLIED) go to STEP 5.
b) If NOT connected using an ethernet cable you must connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Once Android box is up and running, on the main page go to “Settings”. Connect to your Wi-Fi by locating it in the Wi-Fi settings and selecting your Wi-Fi and type in your Wi-Fi password. Once Wi-Fi setup is complete go back to main page.
5. Scroll down to the Kodi icon and hit enter. Once launched for the first time make sure you allow Kodi ample time to update all it’s apps. This could take up to 5 minutes, depending on your internet speeds and how often Kodi is launched. Now you’re ready to watch 1000’s of free movies, TV shows, sports, and much, much more!

NOTE: Contents include HDMI cord (1) and Power Supply (1)

Whats In The Box

Now you can watch your preferred movies, television programs and live sports entertainment without ever leaving your home or even spending an additional dollar again! With the touch of a button, you will be instantly hooked up to a library that goes on forever.